Introducing our Investment Process

We believe that as all our clients are different, their investment portfolios should be tailored to their specific requirements.

Consequently, we build bespoke portfolios for all our clients, managed according to your own personal circumstances, financial priorities and objectives, attitude to investment risk, ability and willingness to tolerate market falls, length of time for which you are investing and ethical preferences.

Our investment process has 3 stages:

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Review

Our job as Financial Planners is not to guarantee future returns or pick stocks (as we do not have a crystal ball!). Our job is to use our knowledge, skill and experience to maximise the chances of you achieving your aspirations and objectives. We do this through determining the best allocation of assets, such as cash, government and corporate bonds, equities (shares) and property, to meet your circumstances and objectives.

Markets and economies move in cycles, and attract a fair amount of human emotion as they evolve. Our specialism is in rebalancing the asset mix regularly throughout this cycle to maximise your returns based on the acceptable level of risk chosen at the start. It also ensures that your portfolio remains aligned with your LifePlan, and that you have a higher chance of achieving your objectives.